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LDAP is the open standard for directory servers in an IP environment. It is powerful, scalable and can match the requirements of the largest Fortune 500 corporations to the mid-size business or ISP. It is useful for any business that wants to better manage user data in an open IP architecture.

LDAP Directory Server software is a key component in the successful management of a corporate user base. We provide onsite consulting in the installation and/or upgrading of your LDAP Directory software on UNIX (Solaris primarily). This can be integrated with Windows clients, Windows NT and Windows 2000 servers and authentication services like RADIUS and open IMAP/SNMP based email servers. If you manage a corporate network, we recommend migrating to a directory server architecture.

In our LDAP reviews, we conduct onsite audits, custom onsite installation of the software code and configuration of the server software to match your corporate specifications. We match it to your security policies. We provide ongoing consulting and set up a regular maintenance program for upgrades and security patches. We can also provide extensive training on our implementation of the LDAP software and configuration. A typical corporate upgrade may take a week for the main server depending on the complexity and state of the user data. Most user profiles stored in DB files will need manipulation to match LDAP specifications. Replication LDAP servers may take less time if we set up the MASTER LDAP server. Some engagements will last longer if we are integrating a company's complete LDAP/RADIUS/ DNS architecture.

Please call 800.700.5338 and ask for Peter Bartram.

Here are some of the services we provide:
Design the LDAP name space schema, security and replication model
   for the application or ecommerce environment.
Set up a LDAP server for the first time for a corporation,
   agency, or educational institution.
Convert user data from Microsoft to LDAP or link LDAP on UNIX to
   LDAP in Microsoft Exchange or Active Directory.
Train LDAP Admins to properly manage and update the LDAP servers.
Set up LDAP Servers to use NTP time servers.
Tune performance of LDAP servers.
Configure Supplier (master) and Consumer (slave) Servers
   with SSL Authentication and Certificates.
Set up your LDAP architecture to talk to your Authorization,
   Authentication and Accounting (AAA) architecture.
/*Transfers between the master supplier server, any client replication servers and RADIUS (AAA) Servers should be done instantly (supplier-initiated) so there are always identical copies of user data in the LDAP servers and and in the AAA servers.*/

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